Web Design Week 9

This week in Web Design students will learn about Media queries and how they help responsive designer format a web page no matter what screen is used. We will be diving into tables and forms, so data can be both captured and display as readable information. One example of forms is to obtain customer email addresses, so a business can then build a database for future newsletter correspondence

The class will also be having a guest speaker, Gail Orser, from Strategic Organizational Strategies LLC . She will share the importance of mission, vision, and scope is for websites. She will also share about her nonprofit experience working for YMCA, Guideposts, and Salvation Army with my Marist class.

Students are working on their group projects and applying what they learn about design into their nonprofit websites. It was great to see their portfolio last week, as it clearly shows they are comprehending html and css. They’ll be able add tables and forms features to their personal sites in the future. Though, my web design experience is that Google forms is an excellent alternative to use instead hand coding to add forms and recording data from users on websites.

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