Web Design Week 10

My web design students this week will be learning how to add audio and video using html and css to websites. By adding these new features both their personal and group websites can be more appealing to visitors. The main goal of any website is obviously to create interactive elements to draw more traffic to it.

A website needs to encourage a visitor to stay and shop or surf and even give them a reason to return later on. Other interactive features that can be added are blogs, calendars, maps, podcasts, polls, or surveys. Equally important is to include responsive design, as well as, test the website for WCAG’s required features of accessibility.

Students completed a visual style guide for their group’s nonprofit website project. A visual style guide states what colors, fonts, imagery, logo, and tone of voice of website is to be used for branding marketing purposes. This coming week each group must create a wireframe and sitemap for their group’s nonprofit site. It will be interesting to see what students add to create interactivity.

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