Web Design Week 11

This week my web design students will be learning about how to incorporate JavaScript into a website. Javascript is used to add interactivity to any website, such as style text differently or ask a user to do some sort of activity on a webpage. The creative interactivity is more appealing to visitors and is often used to draw more traffic to a website.

Here are some JavaScript examples by W3Schools.

Student teams will be creating their group’s wireframe and sitemap. One suggested requirement is to create a webpage to include the team’s mood board, visual style guide, and wireframe to show the design process of their website. It will be interesting to see what type of interactivity students add to their nonprofit websites.

One common theme between my three classes that I am teaching is that several groups are designing animal shelter websites. Another group is designing a monthly meal kit website for the underprivileged. One other creative concept is to help provide community website for youth sports. There is also one specific special website being designed for beloved pup that helps me every semester with teaching technology.

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