Web Design Week 13

This week in my web design classes, I covered other marketing tools like blogging, infographics, and mashup videos, so students will understand why these features are good to include into a website. We also discussed the importance of search engine optimization, usability testing, and website maintenance. Lastly, we talked about the steps for the life cycle of a website.

Earlier in the semester, I showed a video, which explained that web design is like building a house the Html5 is the foundation to hold the walls and roof. Next, CSS adds the color by putting paint on the walls and includes navigation by installing windows and doors, and lastly JavaScript is like connecting the electricity and running water so the house is fully functional.

The teams were given time to code together in class. Each Student will be completing a civic engagement service essay about their nonprofit group project. I am looking forward to seeing how each group coded their web “house” to be a “home” site online.


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