My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to guide students not to fear technology but to embrace it. This form of instruction can be accomplished by being a patient, yet caring teacher. As a professor, I encourage my students to answer critical thinking questions about course content, so that I know they’re not only obtaining knowledge but also how to apply it.

I was taught early on to listen first, then to ask questions, as this is how one learns. This issue is not all students learn the same way or comprehend at the same way or time. Keeping an entire class on the same page can be challenging at times. A teacher needs to eliminate or minimize distractions within the classroom. One way is by stating what is expected by a student in the classroom, then the more likely students will respect the rules given by a teacher. Another way is by setting boundaries on the use of technology can be circumvented by incorporating digital tools to enhance one’s lesson plan.

I find the concept of instructional design most helpful in creating lessons. If I want to teach students how to build a website, then I need to tackle the problem backwards and explain what a responsive website is, before teaching students how to create one. Responsive Design is building a website for the smallest device such as a cellphone screen, then a move onto a tablet size, then desktop size.

One must know what are the three main web programs used to build a website. One need to have a good foundation in coding with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, which are used when building any site. For example, a website is similar to building a house. First, HTML5 is used to build the simple structure of a webpage. It is the basic foundation of a “house”, which is like the walls, ceiling, floors, and the roof. Second, I would explain CSS code is what is used to style a website. It is like all the inside decor that makes your house livable. It is where you paint color on the walls, add furniture to the rooms, and place rugs on the floors, so the house looks prettier. Lastly, I would review how Javascript is what makes a website interactive. It is like adding the finishing touches to a house like adding plumbing for running water and turning on the electricity, so the house becomes a real “home”.

After all, you don’t want a cookie cutter house, you want your website to stand out, to be reflection of your skills and talents. By understanding what a website is and what does or doesn’t work correctly, the more likely a web designer can build a bigger and better-improved one. A website also must be well maintained, kept current, and securely built to withstand the test of time.

Another way that a professor can aid students is to be readily available, especially if a student is struggling in understanding, then I make extra time to discuss the material and provide further resources to help. If a student misses an assignment, then I allow the student extra time to complete the homework. If a student did poorly on a test, then I will provide the opportunity for extra credit. As a teacher, I have found being flexible and understanding to students’ needs, the more willing students are willing to put forth the effort in order to complete the course.

In closing, while my background is in web design, I plan on obtaining my Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis on Instructional Design. By continuing my research and professional studies, I can become the best professor for my students. With that being said, I also enjoy mentoring students, so they can achieve their educational goals and successfully graduate to start a rewarding career.


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