The Tabernacle

Today’s message was from Hebrews 9, where the author informs us about how Jesus died for our sins. God sacrifice His son, Jesus to be our Lord and Savior. By grace we are saved because of the blood of Jesus. We have direct connection to God due to the shedding of Jesus’s sacrifice. Christ renews us and we shall live with God for all eternity.

In this chapter the author also describes the tabernacle as a holy sanctuary. It existed of the courtyard, the lever, the holy of holies. Only the high priest could go in once a year. The lamp stand along with the consecrated bread table and other artifacts like alter of incense and the ark of the covenant with the gold jar of manna, were all made of pure gold. Next, there was the veil to the doorway to the holy sanctuary.

Jesus is our doorway to heaven. Jesus became our light. Jesus is our bread of life. Christ is our savior and He wants everyone to be with Him. Jesus forgives us, so we could be clean before the Lord. No on can wash away our sins, but Jesus. Who’s knocking on your heart today? Come to Jesus this day, so you can be complete in Jesus.

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley video

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