Web Design Week 15

Yes, it is finals we for my web design classes. This week I will be reviewing both Mercy College’s students personal art portfolio websites and PACE University’s students nonprofit group websites. I am looking to seeing how all their sites turned out. Each class will take time to critique each other’s sites and provide constructive feedback to help each other to improve their websites. The teams worked excellent together to complete the required multi-page web design assignment.

Designing an interactive portfolio website to showcase your art projects is a vital in today’s job market. The more animated and creative the better, as it is important for employers to see a potential employee skill set this way. One suggestion is to include how the website portfolio was actually built by including their website plan, mood board, wireframes, and visual style guide, as this will show that students understand the web design process. Today’s resumes are being designed as infographics to help stand out in the crowd. I am hopeful that my students will pass their final exams with flying colors.

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