Web Design Reflection

Whenever I teach a new course I like to take time to reflect back on it. This enables me, so I can tweak the course for my future students. I had the privilege of teaching a new course called Web Design at 3 different colleges. I used the same textbook called Responsive Design with Html5, CSS and JavaScript, which is published by Cengage for all 3 classes.

1. Found Chapter 8 was a bit long for students to complete in one week. It should be broken into two weeks, as it covers both tables and forms.

2. Found error in textbook in Chapter 9 for the audio was missed spelled in the textbook example. Needed to provide the correct code for students.

3. Found Chapter 10 was a bit confusing for students, as it covers both the CSS & JavaScript. It worked best by breaking it down to cover JavaScript only.

5. Found the textbook worked best with Google Chrome for testing student’s homework. Students learned quickly that Notepad++ worked best on a PC and BBEdit worked best on a Mac for creating and editing code.

Going forward, need to cover prior to the midterm chapters 1 to 5, then after midterm cover chapters 7 to 11 going forward. Skip Chapters 6 and 12 to fit content within a 15 week semester. After midterm best to give solution from Chapter 6 to the entire class, so the students are all on the same page going forward with coding. Importing exam questions is always a challenge no matter what learning platform I used. I found that I need to remove the long coding questions going forward, as they did not import correctly. Otherwise, I found the textbook very helpful with great examples, except students should not copy & paste quotes from the textbook, if the do their code won’t work. They must hand type the code including any quotes.

Most important reflection, I discovered that each class preferred not to work in groups and most all of the students would prefer do work on their own portfolio websites instead. Coding can be fun if I let students be creative, as they learn more Html5 and CSS elements each week. Art students seemed to really enjoyed the extra creative assignments, as a way to learn the actual web design process throughout the semester. I look forward to teaching my major again, as it was a blast. It was fun to work with such bright and creative students, who are now web designers.

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