Faith Like Enoch

Today’s sermon was from Hebrews 11. The author explains about Enoch and how he was taken away before death. He is mentioned 12 times in the Bible. He had a great testimony that he never saw death just like Elijah. In a twinkling in an eye is mentioned, as we will be transformed when Jesus returns and taken to heaven. If we believe we will be raptured, but those who are unsaved will not be.

Genesis 5 also shares about Enoch and how he lived 365 years. He walked with God and his name means teacher. The verses that stands out are Hebrews 11:5-6 Without faith we cannot please God. but with God, all things are possible. We need to turn to God for guidance. We all will be judged, no one can escape. God will make everything new when He returns. We cannot buy our way or do enough to earn our way into heaven. No one has seen God and no one can hide from Him.

We are to do right for Jesus. Speak to your family because judgement is coming. There have been signs that Jesus will return soon. One being that Israel became a nation as Jesus said. Therefore, Jesus return is soon. Are you listening to God and heeding His direction? See Jesus and He will rescue you. We are to walk in Jesus light and love. Experience God by following Jesus today. The Lord gives, the Lord taken away. Blessed are those who believe in Jesus. Who is controlling your destiny?

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley video

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