Faith Like Abraham

Today’s sermon was from Hebrews 11:8-12, where the author discusses the account of Abraham dedication to our Heavenly Father. Abraham listed and obeyed what God had asked of him by giving up his son, Isaac. In this chapter we learn that no one can save themselves. Abraham is mentioned 74 times in the Bible. God promised Abraham to make him a great leader.

Abraham is called a friend of God. Abraham like us was nothing, but God can and will use us for His glory. Abraham was originally from a family who made idols. His father Terah took his family and left the city for a new land. In turn later on, God asked Abraham to leave his parents to serve Him. Eventually, Abraham decided to follow and trust the Lord for His provision.

The world bombards us ungodly things constantly. Instead, we need to believe God’s way is perfect. We need not fear the things of God. We need to separate from the people and places which are wicked. Don’t let others or things keep you from honoring the Lord. God will direct your steps if you let Him. This Earth is not our final destination, as we are just traveling through to be with God in heaven. We need to keep our eyes focused on things above. Are you looking ahead to being with Jesus?

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley video

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