Media Theory Week 9

This week my Media Theory class covered two qualitative methods, which are interviewing and historical analysis. The first group activity included interviewing a martian from Mars whose spaceship just landed on Earth, as an investigative reporter. All the students quickly realized asking open ended questions do not work well in the interviewing process.

Next, we explored the time differences between modernism and postmodernism theories, as well as, the importance of using both primary and secondary sources for different views points. The second group activity was researching Arnold Toynbee, a famous British author and historian. He was often criticized for his Christian biased point of view. The class learned that while history is usually based on past facts, that historians will often tend to put their own spin on previous events to change our perception of past reality.

This week’s forum assignment is to create a list of 10 questions that they would ask the President of the United States of America. This should be a very interesting discussion because of the current turmoil of the War between Russia and Ukraine.

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