Faith like Moses

Today’s Sunday service was from Hebrews 11. The pastor shared how we have a choice to decide with follow Jesus or not. Many do not know that God even exists or that we have choice. It is better to give up everything and to do God’s will than to remain in the world. It is best to choose external life with Jesus than to be miserable in mankind. Many are confused, this is why we are called to share our faith and the gospel with others.

God was with Moses his entire life from the time he was placed in a basket on the river and through all of 9 plagues to the time of Passover. God spared and rescued Moses for His glory. Like Moses, if we believe in God, then we shall have everlasting life. This is the day to choose that we can either wrestle with God or decide to accept Jesus in our heart. Start living for Jesus as you will not regret it.

Calvary Chapel Hudson Valley video

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