Media Theory Week 11

My Media Theory class will be covering quantitative methods this week, which include content analysis and surveys. The in-class group activity was to compare 1995 comics to 2015 comics and share the differences. Students were asked to examine the comic strip’s content of the setting, the plot, the facial expressions of characters, types of speech bubbles along with what shapes were used to show movement in a scene, and lastly the context of the language used. One main issue with content analysis is knowing how to define an operational topic like humor or violence, as everyone may interpret and understand it differently.

Next, we will examine how surveys can be used to draw quantitative conclusions. For homework, each student will be creating a survey of questions for their own research papers. The students will be asked to analyze and share their results within their final paper and present stats along with a conclusion to the class. Students are finishing up their brief prospectus and starting their bibliography for their final research papers.

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