Courageous Faith

Today’s Sunday service was from Hebrews 11:29-31. In verse 29, inform us how Moses and the people of Israel fled and how God parted the Red Sea. Pharaoh and his Army of chariots chased them all the way to the Red Sea. Moses asked God to part the water, so God’s people could escape the terror. Moses told God’s people not to be afraid because God is in control. The Israelites survived, but the Egyptians drowned.

In verse 30, reminds us how Joshua marched around the city of Jericho and the walls fell, just as God had promised. In verse 31, God protected Joshua’s two spies, Pinchas and Caleb, from soldiers via Rahab, the prostitute. She hid them for three days in the roof under flax of her house. The spies were able to give a full report to Joshua upon their safe return. Because of Rahab’s help the spies promised that she and her family would escape death by hanging a scarlet robe in her window when Jericho fell.

This passage reminds us that God is with us always. God will not depart from us. God gives us His strength and keeps His promises. We have God’s spirit dwelling within us. Because of God, we have Jesus as our Savior, so what else won’t God do for us. God will bring you through whatever circumstance. Continue to stay close by staying in His Holy Word. Be strong and courageous. With God you can face any giant.

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley video

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