Media Theory Week 12

This week my Media Theory class reviewed more quantitive methods like experiments and statistics. I covered an introduction to basics of statistics such as: mean, mode, median, range, standard dispersement, frequency distribution and variance. For discussion, the students will be sharing the various media ethical issues by reviewing the Facebook (FB) Experiment. In June of 2014, FB knowingly changed 700,000 users accounts by feeding them either positive or negative posts without the user’s knowledge. As you can imagine this brought about a public outraged of having their newsfeeds manipulated by FB’s algorithms.

The group activity included asking students to explore the amount of television vs. commercials that children see in a month or year in America compared to different countries. students quickly realized that one’s culture, economic status, and the country’s political system can contribute to the amount of ads and tv shows children end up watching daily. For homework, students were assigned to complete their preliminary bibliography for their research project and to start writing a course reflection paper about what they learned through the semester.

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