Media Theory Week 13

This week in my Media Theory class we are finishing up with the textbook. We will be discussing the fallacies found when doing research and how to put a research paper all together. For homework, students will be asked to write a course reflection paper. Students will continue working on their final research paper, which can include their own survey with analysis. Many have turned in their brief prospectus and preliminary bibliography already. The class also has plenty of time to complete any of the discussion forums they might have missed.

Next week, students will be doing presentations and sharing with the class about what they learned during their research process for the research project. Students will have time to tweak their final paper based up other students critiquing of material presented. I am looking so looking forward to hearing them speak for a change. It is actually rewarding to see what each student chooses to talk about as to what media theories and communication methods resonated with them the most during the semester.


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