Media Theory Week 14

This week students presented their research projects to the class. Most students included a survey with quantitative results as part of their PowerPoint, as a way to help prove their thesis. Several also included their literature review as part of their presentation. Some students found interesting case studies to incorporate into their research. A few even found different media theories to share with the class and many explored various methods that we discussed throughout the course.

Topics included the following: Marvel films past vs. present, Rhetoric in Pop Culture relationships, Gender Stereotypes found in Media, Artificial Intelligence’s affect on Media, Virtual Reality is the future of Media, Is Tragedy and Trauma being portrayed truthfully in today’s Media, How does War affect the Media, The Marvel in Marvel Comics Universe, Social Media influences the Media, and Does Fake News exist in Media. There are a few more students to share their research project next week. Students are working on a course reflection paper for their last assignment for this semester.

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