Media Theory Week 15

This is the last week for my Media Theory course. Students will continue to present their research projects. In class, we will be discussing more about the FB experiment and be analyzing quantitative stats as to how televised football games are portrayed in the media. For their final exam, each student will be writing a course reflection paper to show their understanding of course content.

Key take aways: The textbook was great at explaining key media theories and qualitative and quantitative methods used in media research. Students learned how to apply the course content by completing a research project. Overall, the class was able to comprehend how media can be manipulated to suit one’s culture, economic, or political agenda.

The students now have the knowledge how to recognize when these communication research methods are being used in media advertising. They also understand the ethical issues and global ramifications that can occur with fake news in today’s various modes of media. Thus, resulting in educated students who will seek to share scholarly truth and who are capable of communicating and understanding what is fair, honest, and balanced news media.

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