Peace in the Storm

Today’s church service was from Isaiah 57 by guest Pastor Pancho Juarez. The pastor shared how God gives us peace no matter the situation. In this chapter, Isaiah talks about how God can revive us and our spirit. We want peace of God, but many cannot find it. We need to make peace with Jesus before we can have it. Unfortunately we often let fear keep us from getting to know Jesus.

During covid the data shows huge mental health issues which are contributing to our moral code. We tend to follow the world than Jesus. Yet, we know Jesus is the answer to any problem. It is better to seek God’s will for our life. The pastor shared about the different eras of the Old Testament up until the 400 years that God was silence. Until Luke chapter 1 with the birth of Christ. God will use people who fear Him.

In Luke 1, the pastor shared how God told Zachariah not to be afraid because the Holy Spirit is within Him. Jesus can teach and help us on how to overcome anything. When God comes knocking on our door we need to listen and follow. Have you found favor with Jesus today? Do you need peace in your life? Seek Jesus!

Calvary Chapel Hudson Valley video


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