Jesus is Coming!

Today’s service was from Revelations 22. The guest pastor reminded us that Jesus is coming again! So now what do we do? The last chapter of the Bible informs us to continue sharing the gospel to expand His kingdom. It explains how we will see Jesus in heaven upon His return.

The pastor recommends us to do the following: 1. Jump in the river of life. The Holy Spirit will fill us with joy. God’s Holy Word is true! 2. We are to only worship God. Jesus is the bright and morning star. Jesus has conquered Satan. 3. Come to Jesus daily. We are to win people for Jesus. God throws our sins in the lake of fire and remembers them no more. Jesus forgives us. Jesus loves everyone. 4. Pack your bags for heaven. We get to bring ourselves and others with us. Share the good news of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior of the world.

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley video


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