Psalm 143 – Be Strong in Jesus!

Today’s church service was from Psalm 143 by Guest Pastor Matt Sweeney. In this chapter David cries out to God because the enemy seems to be winning over His spirit. We all have certain limits when we become depleted of energy or to where we end up in darkness.

We know from 1 Samuel that God came upon David as he slayed Goliath the giant. The battle was the Lord’s and David won that day because of his faith in God. David went from living in a palace to a cave because King Saul was after him. But David never let that affect his trust in the Lord for his provision.

The verse that stand out is 10 where David asks God to teach him to do His will and lets God guide his life. Sometimes we need to look back to see what God has done for you. God is with us always and we need to continue to seek Jesus daily. While we may have to wait on God’s answer. We must not fret, as God can change things for the better.

Are you strengthening yourself in Jesus every day? God is for us and His spirit can revive each of us. If we ask God for His help. Jesus can bring new life into us. There will be difficult times, but We can overcome anything with Jesus’s strength. Serve God daily and remain strong in the Lord!

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley video


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