Contending Faith

Today’s church service was from the book of Jude, which is only one chapter. It is written by Jude the brother of James and servant of Jesus. His concern is about the deception of the Word of God that will and does occur. We must not deceive by those who want nothing to do with God. Unfortunately our society continues to take God out of everything. We need to focus on the truth that God loves us and is our Lord and Savior.

The verse that stood out to me is verse 2 that God gives us mercy, peace, and love in abundance. The rest of passage the author, Jude, reminds us that unbelievers will face sin and doom. There are ungodly people everywhere. We are all sinners, but Christ saved us. Those who continue to sin will not inherit the kingdom of God. The power of God makes us a new creature in Him. By the Holy Spirit Jesus can transform anyone.

We need to stay and study the Word of God. There were 5 men in the Bible named Jude. This one was brother of James, who was the half brother of Jesus. Jude also reminds us that Jesus is the Lamb of God who was sent to save us. Is Jesus calling you to follow Him today? Trust Jesus and you will be content in your faith. Nothing can separate you from God. You are in Christ Jesus.

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