Be Watchful

The church service was from the Book of Jude from verses 11-13. We are reminded to stay true in our faith. We need to avoid wandering in the wilderness of worldly sin. God’s judgement is true. God wants us in heaven and tells us to not to trust those who falsely teach that it’s okay to be in the world. When in fact need to follow Jesus and listen to Him and what He wants for us.

So many still unbeliever all the signs, wonders, and miracles that Jesus did and still does for us. People will wander in darkness rather than believe that Jesus can help them. If they only see that Jesus is the light to follow. Gods love is all around us, but many don’t see It.

Cain killed Abel his brother even though he knew who God was and his parents Adam and Eve raised to know Him. Cain also knew what to offer God yet he brought food from his garden instead of an unblemished lamb for the shedding of blood for God’s forgiveness of our sins. Cain did not follow God’s way and instead God only accepted Abel’s offering. Good deeds will not get anyone into heaven. Only by accepting Jesus will you receive salvation. Sin will destroy you otherwise.

Who are you believing in? Is it Jesus or the world? Are you seeking fame and fortune or God’s blessings? Are you heeding God’s warnings or roaming in corruption? This story holds true today, so we need to avoid greed and be watchful. We can only receive what God has for us when our eyes and heart are open. We need to continue to set our eyes on things above. We also need to walk in the love of God, rather than be wandering in darkness of doom. Seek Jesus and His Holy Word! Shine bright for Jesus! Be ready because Jesus is coming again! Amen.

Calvary Chapel Hudson Valley video

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