Be on the look out!

Today’s church service is from Jude 1:14-19. Jude describes a graphic picture of the false prophets exists in the world, who often try spread illogical scripture. In verse 14 Jude reminds us of Enoch from the line Seth. Enoch pleased and walk God, then he took him in Genesis 5:24.

Many people put off the notion that God was going to send a flood, but it happened and all were lost,. The only survivors were Noah and his family along with 2 of every animal in the ark. John 14:2 God tells us that He is preparing a place for every believer. We shall miss the tribulation and thousands will return with Jesus. There will be a day of judgement and face God. Nobody will escape it.

Jude 1:15 tell us that everyone will confess of their ungodly ways. There will be people who grumble and complain about God against His Holy Word. They will mock believers, but we must steadfast in our faith. We are to believe in God and He can and who transforms us. Things may look dark, but we are to shine bright for Jesus. Jude 17 & 18 even though there will be mockers, we are to remain true to Jesus.

Is God’s Holy Spirit within you and are you sharing the gospel? Turn to Jesus today!

Calvary Chapel Hudson Valley video


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