Explore Annapolis MD

One more place off my bucket list, as I just got back from exploring Annapolis, MD. I highly recommend visiting this American Eastern seaport, because there is absolutely so much to do and see there. The best part was seeing all the different size boats and yachts in the local galley way of the harbor.

We had brunch at the Chart House and then we took a 4 minute water taxi over to the main seaport. We toured the Annapolis museum, which had interesting historical artifacts from the early settlers days and up until to today. We checked out lots of little shops and got some yummy ice cream.

Later, we went on the Spa Creek Cruise, which was a 40 minute boat ride and a fun way to see area of Annapolis. On the river cruise, we were able to view of the United States Naval Academy, which is right near of the opening of the Chesapeake Bay.

Here’s a few photos of Annapolis:

St. Mary’s Church
Spa Creek
My Yacht! 🤣 I wish!
USNA from the Chesapeake Bay side


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