God Is Able

Today’s church sermon was from the book of Jude 1:24-25 known as the the doxology. We are reminded that God can keep us from stumbling. God will help present us faultless with great joy. We are His flock even though we may stray. God brings us back to Him. we can’t protect ourselves from darkness from happening. God will protect us, as He freely gives salvation to everyone who believes.

You have been called by God and kept by Him. Jesus will never let you go. God is able and all powerful. God promises to shield us from harm’s way. By God’s grace we have been saved, as we cannot earn it we just only believe to be sealed with the Holy Spirit. God abides in us. God is our inheritance to the praise of His glory. God will never reject anyone. For God is love and forgives and to save each of us. Again nothing can separate us from God. God will keep us from falling and will finish His good work in us. You can never lose your salvation.

The same power that is in Jesus is within us. God’s great joy is in us. As believers, we are justified and God keeps us holy and glorified in His liking. Nobody can see God, but He is our King. we are all God’s children and Jesus will transformed and bring us to God. Heaven will be glorious! Is Jesus your Lord and Savior? God can save anyone.

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley video


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