God Is Good

Today’s guest pastor was Ed Taylor from Colorado. He spoke on Nahum 1:7, “We know that the Lord is good.” The past several years have been the most difficult for everyone. We need lean more into God, no matter the circumstances. It easy to praise God when life is good. But there are challenging times when we don’t want to.

There are troubling times. However, we need to remember: 1. The Lord is good no matter what going on or happening. We tend to only say God is good when things go our way. God is good all the time, even when life isn’t. We are not to question God’s motives. We cannot see into the future, but God already there. We need to be wary of worldly pitfalls. We need to constantly understand that God’s grace is sufficient for us.

2. God is a stronghold and safety down we need protection. We can goto God anytime. None of us are shielded from above trails and tribulation. However, we have God, who is our everlasting hope. God has a plan for each of us. There is fear all around us, but God can strengthen us to overcome anything. Remember to take time to learn God’s Holy Word instead of running from Him.

3. God knows who trust in Him. We need not let others tear us down. We need to pray through the fear. Jesus is the King of kings. We need to remain steadfast in our faith. God will give you rest. Trust God!

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley video



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