Week One Survival

To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering – Friedrich Nietzsche.

First week of the semester consisted of lots new students with smiling faces who are eager to learn. We’ll see what happens after 15 weeks of college.

Two of my Marist College classes were overbooked, so I am either a real popular Professor or just that no student wanted to sign up for an 8am classes.

It is cool seeing the old Dyson Building at Marist College being torn down to make way for the new one that going to be built with technical advanced classrooms and so much more.

My classes at the Mount Saint Mary College are also totally booked, which shows the influx of students wanting education for future careers.

So it seems like things are back to normal with students being in the classroom vs. zooming online due to covid. Next week, Pace University classes will start. Yeah, only 4 more months until Christmas break!


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