The Portrait of a Fool

Today’s church sermon was from Ecclesiastes 10:1-10 entitled The Portrait of a fool by Guest pastor Robert B. He spoke about Solomon, who believed life is unfair and then you die. Solomon perspective was that he worked hard for what he had, but then believe others would squander it all.

The word fool means foolishness and folly. In the Bible it means someone who doesn’t believe in God. They state there is no God, which is very dangerous. The fool will ultimately meet their demise. A fools character can cause others to trip causing a bigger fall or harm others if they follow. A little folly can ruin one’s wisdom. It can cause one to fall into sin quickly.

Instead we need to strive to be more like Jesus to please GOD. We need to take Christianity seriously by living a life that is worthy of GOD. We cannot hide our sin from GOD. We need to guard our heart for godly strength, honor, and wisdom. We need to correct our children as parents, so they can learn what is right and wrong. We need to stop airing the foolishness and follow GOD and seek what He wants for us.

We need to let our light shine for Jesus, so others will want to know Jesus. Show others the fruit of the Spirit in Christ like joy, kindness, and peace in us. Solomon belief came true as his son ended up diving the land. A wise person needs to remain calm in the storm. Be careful how you live. Do what Jesus would want you to do. Avoid trouble and seek godly wisdom by praying for it. Live for Jesus!

Calvary Chapel Hudson Valley



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