The Judgement of God

Today’s sermon was from Romans 2. The apostle Paul reminds us that no one can escape the wrath of God. The pastor reminded that God loves us. No one more pure that our Heavenly Father. We are all sinners, yet God still wants us with Him in heaven. God knows our hearts. But we still need to confess our sin to receive God’s forgiveness. Apostle Paul reminds us that no one is above God’s judgement, which is according to foundational truth.

Let God’s goodness draw you to Him. We are to continue to seek hope in Jesus. Because the righteous judgement of God is coming. It is impossible to save ourselves. There is no favoritism from God. We need to be doers of the law in our hearts. We all have a conscience. We need to understand that God sees all things. We need to heed God’s knowledge and truth of the law. We must examine our own hearts and not to judge others.

Christ offers us a new heart. We need to seek to do God’s will. Because we cannot save ourselves. The road to Jesus is narrow, many do not find it. Instead we need to let God rule in your hearts. Nothing is impossible for God. Repent today and Believe in Jesus!

Calvary Chapel Hudson Valley



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