Week Seven Consistency

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever – Hebrew 13:8

The word consistency reminds me about the Word of God, as it never changes. It is the same through all generations. As much as the chaos our world has gone through, Jesus is still the same. We tend to want to stir or mix things up, when we should trust God for the outcome.

This week is midterms for my college students. Some students experience great anxiety at this time of year. I volunteered for couple of nursing students to be a test patient this week, so they could practice taking my pulse and blood pressure. Because if they don’t pass a certain practicum, they can’t continue in the nursing major.

As a technology teacher, I try to stay consistent by reviewing material prior to any exam, so students can be more prepared and hopefully do well. I pray students ex el on the tests. May they learn that God has given each of them each a special gift and to use it to the best of their ability. I close with this question, is God consistent in your life?


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