Righteousness of God

Today’s church service was from the Romans chapter 3:21-31. Apostle Paul reminds us four times that no one is righteous. Everyone is under the law of God. We all fall short of the glory of God. Each one of us is a sinner and will be judged by God one day.

The only way to obtain salvation is to simply believe in Jesus Christ. For salvation is the power of God that is free and available for everyone who calls on the name of Jesus. God wants us to live by faith not by sight. God’s grace justifies us.

Jesus died on the cross for each of us. Jesus loves you as He took on the weight of the world, so we can be with our Heavenly Father in paradise. God made a way when there was no way. We are redeemed by Christ alone.

The power of God lives in us as the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus into our hearts. Jesus came to save us. The righteousness of God is for all of us. Open your heart and accept Jesus today.

Calvary Chapel Hudson Valley


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