Week Twelve Training

So that the servant of God may be competent, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:17.

This week my students are learning the ropes of Premier Pro, which can take time to go through the training. Once they have their storyboards done and screen scripts written they can start getting their images and recording clips together to start creating their two minute videos with dialogue for their websites. It is interesting to see what the students come up with creatively.

I, myself, as an adjunct have to complete training for each college. Training is an important factor to stay current as a teacher. There are always new college’s processes and knowledge to comprehend. Whether it’s learning new software or hardware, the more skills one knows the better.

Even the verse above discusses the importance of training, so we can be prepared to do a good job. We need to be confident not only in ourselves, but God as well. For God will intervene on our behalf, if we reach out to Him for guidance. God will prepare a way for our success, as all things are possible with Jesus at the helm. May God help you retain His Holy Word within your hearts. Be blessed and do good.



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