The Gift of Good News

Today’s church service was from Romans 5. Apostle Paul minds us that we have no strength without God. He informed us that we are unrighteous.

However, with Christ we have hope. Because the love of God is poured out to us by the Holy Spirit. God casts out all fear through His righteousness.

Why is the world is so bad? It is because one sin, which is in all of us. God sent His son, Jesus, to save us. If we believe in Jesus and repent of our sins, then we shall live with Christ forevermore.

We cannot hide from our Heavenly Father. God knows where each of us are. We need to stop running from God and instead draw unto Him. God can change you if you let Him in. Unbelievers may not understand what God is doing in your life.

Because life is short, we need live for God every day. God’s grace is abundant if we seek it. God is the only one who can save us. We don’t need to stay in the darkness of sin. Instead step into the light of God by accepting God’s free gift of salvation.

Calvary Chapel - Hudson Valley

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