Week Thirteen Volunteering

This week is Thanksgiving break for college students, so most of them have gone home to spend the holiday with their family and friends. One of my technology classes at Pace University the entire class is doing some sort of volunteering to earn credits. During this six weeks they are to teach someone else how to use technology. I find this is an interesting way to get students used to the concept of giving back to their local community. Some are even volunteering to tutor their parents, grandparents, or even younger siblings how to use a computer and the latest new features in Microsoft Office software.

I find it ironic that some students are learning the concepts of having patience and experiencing what a professor goes through by teaching others. If there is one thing that any student has taught me is that they make you a better teacher. This is because each student learns differently and at their own pace. Volunteering to do something good like tutoring is a great way to connect, communicate, and collaborate. I am praying for my students that those who they help be grateful for the volunteer time spent together learning.






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