Sons of God

Today’s sermon was from Romans 8, where Apostle Paul reminded us that we are the sons and daughters of the Most High God. Many religions will not satisfy us. The only one that can give us peace is Christianity. God wants us to be spiritually filled.

Nothing can help more than Jesus. Christ reminds us that we must be born again to be with Him. We can only be free if we are in Jesus. Those who are not spiritual are fools. Only those who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior can be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was sent by our Heavenly Father and only He can bring us true joy to live fully in the Spirit of God. We cannot change on our own, but with God can do anything. We need to ask ourselves are we truly following Jesus in our heart and living for Christ? We are either or a Saint or we ain’t.

You are either a son or daughter of God or you are separated from God. As a believer, we are guaranteed eternal life. Once saved, one cannot lose their salvation, nor be separated from the love of Jesus Christ. God adopts us as His own when we accept Jesus into our hearts. Only Jesus can Saves Us! Be reassured that Jesus is our rescuer and our only Hope!

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley



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