Children of Promise

Today’s church service is from Romans 9. Apostle Paul shares that we are God’s children of promise through faith in Jesus Christ not works of law. Apostle Paul shares his broken heartedness over the fact that the Jewish people rejected Jesus as the the Messiah and promise of God’s salvation. He continues to discuss the privileges God gave to the people of Israel.

So did the Word of God fail? Apostle Paul tells us No. Because Paul defends the character of God. He tells us that God was sovereign over all His people along with the fact that not all people are from Israel. We are gentiles not Jewish. Just because one is born that way doesn’t mean they stay that way.

Apostle Paul shares that Jacob was with Rebecca and that God knew she was carrying two leaders of two different nations. Isaac was from the lineage of Israel and Esau was from the lineage of Muslim. God chose Isaac over Esau because He knew what Esau would become.

Only if one believes in the new covenant of Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior, then they shall be saved by God. God chooses us to be His children. We are also called to share the truth of the gospel. Be blessed!

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley



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