Divine Justice

Today’s church service is from Romans 9 and 10. Apostle Paul shares that some people will reject the gospel. Starting in Chapter 9 verse 30 explains those will receive God’s righteous. The living God call us all. God sees us who choose to follow Him, as His children.

Some will stumble because they only seek by works instead of faith. Just by doing things doesn’t get anyone in heaven. One must acknowledge God and repent of their sins. Only by faith in Jesus Christ can one be saved. We should not blame or be angry at God, as this is foolishness. It is because of Adam’s choice, we sin. It is our fault for sin not because of God.

God knew the people could not live by the letter of the law. Thus, we have the new covenant of Jesus, that we can be saved through belief in Christ. We cannot save ourselves, only Jesus can. The just shall live by faith, and faith alone. Draw close to God and put your hope in Jesus, not the world.

Have you accepted Jesus? God loves you and wants you in heaven. Believe in Jesus Christ this day, for He is coming again.

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley



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