Choose Faith Over Fear

Today’s guest speaker was Pastor Pancho Juarez. He shared how corrupt our world is not just globally, but locally. Our society accepts things that are totally against what God created. He discussed that fear is the biggest problem we face on a daily basis. We lose perspective when we let fear creep into our minds.

The pastor covered the various biblical rulers mentioned in the Book of Judges. These judges were selected by God to rule over His people. When God calls you know you have free will to decide whether to follow or not. In Judges Gideon was faced with carrying for the people of Israel. The people sinned and then cry out to God. Gideon tries to hide, but God knew. The pastor continued to remind us that Joshua and Caleb did not fear and trusted God for His protection. While we can’t change yesterday, we can trust GOd for today and our future.

Gideon questioned God because he didn’t believe that God would shield him from the enemy, but the Spirit of Lord blew a trumpet and it saved them. When God speaks to us, then we need to respond by letting Jesus into our heart. We should not let fear destroy our faith in Jesus!

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley



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