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  • Be Not Afraid

    Be Not Afraid

    Do not be afraid of them; the LORD your God himself will fight for you – Deuteronomy 3:22. Did you know the phrase “Fear Not” phrase is found throughout the Bible 365 times? God tells us specifically not to be afraid of anything. Why is this? It is human nature to be scared at some…

  • Conquering New Heights

    Conquering New Heights

    Have you ever been afraid of heights or trying new things? By not trying you will never know if you will like it or succeed at it. By quitting before you start, you will always wonder what if. One way to overcome is to challenge yourself to push through the fear, but know you don’t…

  • Be Strong in the Lord

    Be Strong in the Lord

    Are you or a loved one have a tough time right now? God calls us to be strong during adversity. God tells us not to be afraid of anything, because He is in control. Somed days will be harder than others. Affliction builds character, character builds trust in God. No matter what the outcome we…