Fall 2020 Week 5

My Marists’s Digital Toolbox classes are busy creating photoshop collages. We covered how the eraser tool and changing the opacity level can blend images together using Photoshop. It is amazing to see their creativity at work through their designs. They will be adding their collage projects to their WordPress website. I am encouraging students to… Continue reading Fall 2020 Week 5

A Day in the Country

For all the animals of the forest are mine, and I own the cattle on a thousand hills. Psalm 50:10 This weekend we took a drive out in the country to have afternoon tea and lunch. The sunshiny weather was absolutely beautiful for being a late February day. As we drove by a large grey… Continue reading A Day in the Country

Pray For Australia

While it is winter in NY, unfortunately there are raging forest fires in Australia. I like to take this time to pray for fire fighters battling the wild fires down under. Please join me in saying a prayer for this country. Heavenly Father, we uplift Australia to You today. We ask for your shield of… Continue reading Pray For Australia

God Is So Good!

Yes, summer is here, which means vacation time for families. Depending on the weather or temperature outside sometimes parents need to consider an indoor activity with their children. One of my favorite fun things to do is visit an aquarium to watch God's sea creatures swim. This reminds me of Bible verse: Genesis 1:21 So… Continue reading God Is So Good!

Snow Days

Yeah, winter has officially arrived just in time for a 3 day weekend for students. The snowstorm is only a few inches, but the top layer is icy due to sleet and freezing rain this afternoon. Do you remember trying to make a snowman, or laying in freshly fallen snow to create snow angels, or… Continue reading Snow Days

Worship His Majesty

Whenever I see mountains I think of how majestic God was when He created the heavens and Earth. Isn't it amazing how God set in place the moon and the stars in the sky? It is all part of God’s infinite plan, from the birds of the heavens to the fish in the sea. Not… Continue reading Worship His Majesty