Tymor Park

Today, I took a much needed break from grading papers to take Shadow to Tymor Park in Lagrangeville, NY. It was an absolutely a beautiful day to drive and get together with friends. We watched their husbands play a of game of Gaelic (GAA) football, which is like the sport of rugby. It is my… Continue reading Tymor Park

Media 101 Week 8

This week my media class is discussing the topic of Journalism going from information to participation. Students will be learning about the different types of journalism that exist. The textbook includes the history of several famous journalists that influenced the concept of objectivity. We discussed how events and stories are often negatively framed by media… Continue reading Media 101 Week 8

Your Time To Run

Today's guest speaker was Pastor Jack Beenlen. The sermon was from the scripture passage: Hebrews 12:1-4. Here are the 4 points from today's sermon: Get rid of the weight of sin that slows you down. Focus on Jesus to avoid obstacles. Consider what Jesus went through to give you life. Run to win the race… Continue reading Your Time To Run