The Portrait of a Fool

Today’s church sermon was from Ecclesiastes 10:1-10 entitled The Portrait of a fool by Guest pastor Robert B. He spoke about Solomon, who believed life is unfair and then you die. Solomon perspective was that he worked hard for what he had, but then believe others would squander it all. The word fool means foolishness… Continue reading The Portrait of a Fool

A Culture Of Respect

Yesterday, I completed Title IV training in order to teach this coming semester. I especially liked that the training mentioned the phrase “a culture of respect”, as it is defined as “where diversity is valued, where individuals feel that their contributions are recognized and acknowledged, and finally, a culture where expectations regarding behaviour are clearly… Continue reading A Culture Of Respect

The CRAAP Test

My technology classes had the honor of learning more about information literacy by using the CRAAP test this week. The CRAAP test helps a student to determine if any source is good to use for their research papers. The students must decide based on the following criteria: Is the material Current, is it Relevant, by… Continue reading The CRAAP Test