Finding The Key Part 1

Listening to the Session 3 podcast, which is listed below is about Finding the Key to a successful marriage. The group leaders covered the scriptures that covered how each of us should walk with God, as well as, how to be a either a godly husband or wife. We need to learn what each other’s… Continue reading Finding The Key Part 1

Everything Is Meaningless

Today’s Sunday Service was from Ecclesiastes 1 by guest speaker Pastor River from Bridge Radio. This chapter states life is meaningless and too short. King Solomon wants us to know that no one can live apart from God. How you deal with God is how you will deal with people. What is our purpose on… Continue reading Everything Is Meaningless

Finding Balance

Do you know what the shortest verse is in the Bible? It is found in John 11:35, Jesus Wept. In this passage Jesus cried over the loss of his good friend Lazarus prior to raising him. Jesus also cried out to God before taking on our sins. The Bible doesn’t say per say that Jesus… Continue reading Finding Balance