Web Design Week 13

This week in my web design classes, I covered other marketing tools like blogging, infographics, and mashup videos, so students will understand why these features are good to include into a website. We also discussed the importance of search engine optimization, usability testing, and website maintenance. Lastly, we talked about the steps for the life… Continue reading Web Design Week 13

Fall 2020 Week 12

MSMC students are studying excel the rest of the semester, which includes creating charts, formulas, and functions. We also are reviewing types of Digital Communication, such as blogs, and wikis, and the purpose of netiquette. Some computer topics include crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. We discuss the positives and negatives that come from social media platforms. Marist… Continue reading Fall 2020 Week 12

How the Internet Works

In Chapter 3, we are studying how data moves around the internet. Here are two great videos that discuss this topic: Warriors of the Net How the Internet Works Web 2.0 helps us with 3 C's of technology, which is the ability to collect data, communicate information, and to collaborate with others. Blogging is a… Continue reading How the Internet Works