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  • Rising Suicide Rates

    Rising Suicide Rates

    After researching several websites on the 2021 statistics, it seems that Texas is right behind California with the second highest rate of suicide. So far this year between the two states there have been over 8,000 suicidal deaths. I am bringing this important topic up because our government needs to really visit the epicenter area…

  • Prayers Going Up

    Prayers Going Up

    Taking a time out to pray for those families whose lives ones were in the recent helicopter crash. Kobe Bryant was a great basketball star in his time, as he worked hard and played hard. Now it’s our turn to pray hard, so join me in praying… Heavenly Father, We come before You with heavy…

  • A Prayer for California

    A Prayer for California

    Please join me in Praying for California: Heavenly Father, We are asking You, God, to comfort those who are grieving over lost loved ones due to the horrific fire in California. Give Your strength to the firefighters and first responders, and especially for those rescue crews who are searching through the rubble. Help our nation…