The Portrait of a Fool

Today’s church sermon was from Ecclesiastes 10:1-10 entitled The Portrait of a fool by Guest pastor Robert B. He spoke about Solomon, who believed life is unfair and then you die. Solomon perspective was that he worked hard for what he had, but then believe others would squander it all. The word fool means foolishness… Continue reading The Portrait of a Fool

The Kaplan Library

Today, I am having one of MSMC’s librarians from The Kaplan Family Library visit both of my technology classes, which is located in Newburgh, NY. She shared about where certain things are located within the library and what sources are available online for students. The librarian also talked about the various databases and how they… Continue reading The Kaplan Library

Web Design Week 4

This week my Web Design class will be learning how to add images, links, and lists to web pages. Students will have the opportunity to explore using the DIV tag to section off parts of a webpage. Understanding how to us div tags is important especially when the class starts assigning ids and classes to… Continue reading Web Design Week 4