Follow Jesus!

Sunday’s sermon covered Isaiah 52 and 53. My two favorite verses that I especially like are: Verse 52:7 - Your God Reigns and Verse 52:12 - God goes before you. We need not fret or worry because God has promised to protect us. We are to rejoice and give praise for the joy that Jesus… Continue reading Follow Jesus!

Renew Your Spirit

This past Saturday I had the honor of attending our church women's luncheon. The topic of the Bible devotion was Renew. Some of the Christian women shared their testimony as to how God has transformed their lives. Each one had gone through very difficult trials and tribulations. Over the years I have found each of… Continue reading Renew Your Spirit

Worship His Majesty

Whenever I see mountains I think of how majestic God was when He created the heavens and Earth. Isn't it amazing how God set in place the moon and the stars in the sky? It is all part of God’s infinite plan, from the birds of the heavens to the fish in the sea. Not… Continue reading Worship His Majesty