Cobol Programmers Wanted!

IBM is looking for Cobol Programmers, so last night I decided to look up some names on LinkedIn, and so we will see what happens. I know that my father, Robert Wisor, worked to develop the COBOL business module. Somebody out there must remember his name, as it would of been a team effort of… Continue reading Cobol Programmers Wanted!

IBM Ai Jackie Pup

I am super excited to announce that I will be having an IBM guest speaker to one of my technology classes this coming Friday at 11am in LIB 303 classroom. I can’t wait to see my students faces light up by having a real live very special and famous puppy in class. Lorraine Trapani is… Continue reading IBM Ai Jackie Pup

MIS Week 6

This week students discovered how managers go about doing research to find contacts using online databases. As a group, their assignment was to plan a strategy as to whether or not to build a manufacturing plant on the continent of Australia. The teams must decide which city to build the new office furniture plant. Second… Continue reading MIS Week 6

The CRAAP Test

My technology classes had the honor of learning more about information literacy by using the CRAAP test this week. The CRAAP test helps a student to determine if any source is good to use for their research papers. The students must decide based on the following criteria: Is the material Current, is it Relevant, by… Continue reading The CRAAP Test

MIS Week 4

This week’s MIS lesson covers the issue of internet privacy for companies, employees, and customers face online. How accountable are businesses as to what happens if data is lost, stolen, or breached? Company Marketing departments must either allow a user to either opt-in to receive email subscriptions or provide the ability to opt-out by unsubscribing… Continue reading MIS Week 4

Too Many Chiefs

Have you ever worked on a project and thought to yourself there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians? This often happens in the corporate world of business. My MIS students are working in small groups doing case studies. I often see the same students work together, but this week I am re-assigning some… Continue reading Too Many Chiefs

Information Technology

Does Information Technology excel students learning ability in the classroom? This week discussion forum at Mercy College is based on whether students agree or disagree that Technology either helps or hinders their college education. Students are then asked to review several scholarly articles and include statistics to back up their conclusion. Let's take a look… Continue reading Information Technology

Screen Time

How much time online is too much? This week my classes are studying digital communication with students by reviewing the guidelines of net etiquette and the importance of using it. My students prefer Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter over Facebook. The students taught me today how to view how much time an individual spends online via… Continue reading Screen Time

Wednesday Wisdom

Are you wiser than a year ago? A few months ago? Or a few weeks ago? We are to seek godly counsel, listen to those who are wiser, and adhere to instruction. Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future. -Proverbs 19:20. As a teacher you want your students… Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom

Discover Scratch Studio

Recently, I discovered, which is children’s programming app. What exactly is Scratch? Basically, it is a very simplistic form of teaching children how to code. It challenges children to build a program with bright blocks of code to create or solve a project. Here is a great video to watch that explains how to… Continue reading Discover Scratch Studio