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  • The Kaplan Library

    The Kaplan Library

    Today, I am having one of MSMC’s librarians from The Kaplan Family Library visit both of my technology classes, which is located in Newburgh, NY. She shared about where certain things are located within the library and what sources are available online for students. The librarian also talked about the various databases and how they…

  • Information Literacy

    Information Literacy

    I just finished teaching an 8 week course on Library Literacy for SUNY Ulster via Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prisons. Students learnt how to properly cite sources using the MLA style format. This course also covered the 7 pillars of Information Literacy, which are: 1. Plan, 2. Purpose, 3. Location, 4. Identification, 5.…

  • MIS Week 1

    Tuesday was the 1st day of the semester at Marist College. I am teaching Management Information Systems (MIS), so I will share things I’ve learn while studying the new material. Our textbook is title: MIS, Managing a Digital Firm authored by the Laudons. One new approach being used by digital firms today is called: Sociotechnical systems…

  • Relational Databases

    Relational Databases

    This week in class, students will be learning about different types of databases and how to create one. What is a database? and why do we need one? We review an Introduction to MS-Access video and discuss what is a relational database in comparison to a flat type list, which can often cause data redundancy.…

  • Marketing Tools vs. Decaying Databases

    Marketing Tools vs. Decaying Databases

    Marketing Tools vs. Decaying Databases